How did the human species come to exist?

A young girl asked her mother “Where do we humans come from?” Her Mom answered, “G*d made Adam and Eve in his image; they had children and that’s who we all descend from.” Days later the girl asked her Dad the same question. He answered, “Many years ago there were apes and monkeys, they learned to walk on two legs, became cavemen, and then eventually we humans evolved.”

The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mom, I really don't understand. I asked you and you told me we were created by G*d, I asked Dad and he told me we evolved from apes and monkeys?” Which answer is correct?

Her Mom answered, “Well, dear, they both are. I was telling you about MY side of the family, and your father told you about his.”

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I was walking in the desert and saw a redwood tree. I knew this must be a mirage, so I ran into it. To my dismay, the tree and I collided.

I guess it must have been an obstacle illusion.

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