longish penguin joke

A police officer pulls over a car and notices the back seat is full of penguins. "You can't drive around town with penguins in your car. You've gotta take those penguins to the zoo," says the cop. "As a matter of fact officer, I'm driving to the zoo now," he replies. The cop waves him through. The next day the same police officer pulls him over. And again, the penguins are waddling around in the back seat. "I thought I told you to take them penguins to the zoo!" the cop says. "I did, today we're going to the beach!"

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Trying to find a joke I saw on here

It involved a car shop and some sort of animal gets ice cream on his face. Sorry if this isn't allowed but I couldn't find it and I'm 95% sure I saw it here. Help?!

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A chemist and a biologist were talking in the hallway

Biologist: "Want to hear a joke?"

Chemist: "Sure."

Biologist: "Sodium sodium sodium sodium …"

Chemist: "Stop, stop, stop. Don't bring that pH 6 garbage in here. That's for amateurs. What you need is a pH 11 and build off it."

Biologist: "Alright alright. I've got one you'll take a lichen to. And this one is all about that sodium hydroxide."

Chemist: "I'm about to get trolled, aren't I?"

Biologist: "What do you call a feline who watches its prey constantly?"

Chemist: "I don't know, what?"

Biologist: "Cation you"

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