DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Someone named John Ian is advising people to clean their eyeglasses with steel wool. I tried this, and it COMPLETELY RUINED MY GLASSES. He claimed that the steel wool will buff out any minor scratches and that your glasses will be as sharp and clear. HE IS WRONG. My glasses have huge and long scratches, and now I have to get the lenses replaced. THANKS, A LOT.

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Will you remember me?

Me to good friend: Will you remember me a month from now? Friend : Of course, it's only a month. Me: Will you remember me a year from now? Friend: Yes, I will remember you a year from now. Me: How about 5 years? Friend : Sure. Me : 10 years? Friend : I will never forget you. Me: Knock, knock. Friend: Who's there. Me: Well, that didn't take long. You forgot me already.

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