Two adults were hired to watch over an extremely stupid teenager…

…he is immediatly hard to handle, running around and throwing things. So one of the adults decides a movie might help to calm him down.

They rent a horror movie and put it on for him. All is calm for about thirty seconds until the teenager starts making a ruckas again, they ask him why he is not watching the movie, "I doesn't like horror movies cuz they is too scary" he says.

So they go out and get an action movie for him. Again, he only stays quite for about thirty seconds. They again ask him why he is not watching the movie. "I doesn't like action movies cuz they is to violent.

By now both adults are very annoyed. One goes outside to take a break. The other says "Fine, i'll get you a comedy, not too scary not too violent"

The adult outside hears the teenager go quiet. Thirty seconds later, he is suprised to hear laughter, hysterical laughter! The teenager is actually being entertained! The other adult walks in with a grin on his face. "What comedy did you show him?" he ask. "None, I gave him a mirror".

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